About Chris Hills

Photograph restorer and documentary photographer

I am scientist by training, and experienced as a university lecturer, business man and a museum volunteer. Since spring 2012, when I sold his previous business, I have concentrated on photography and photographic restoration.
As a graduate in Chemistry I have an in depth understanding of the chemical processes that underly the production of photographs and the chemical and physical process that occur then photographic negatives and prints deteriorate. This knowledge, along with an eye for detail developed as a documentary photographer, has provided me with a wealth of skills to restore photographs. My experience in photographic restoration has come from my work with Castle Donington Museum.

“The man who lives in his eyes is continually confronted with scenes and spectacles that compel his attention or admiration and demand an adequate reaction. To pass on without pause is impossible, and to continue after purely mental applause is unsatisfactory. Some real tribute must be made. Photography, to many of its addicts, is a convenient and simple means of discharging this ever-recurring debt to the visual world.”
Edwin Smith 1971.